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Stone Waste Windshield Service Center

Stone Waste Windshield Service Center

  • Convenient windshield washer with trash receptacle combined into one; perfect for areas with limited space
  • Polymer-concrete panels attach to three sides creating a durable and attractive convenience center
  • Large 28-gallon trash capacity and includes removable 2-gallon water bucket, towel dispenser and squeegee
  • Interior splash guard protects towels from trash and allows trash bag to be easily removed
  • Snap fit lid closure and bump outs secures lid to base; ideal for windy conditions
  • Raised water bucket allows for convenient access and water bucket can be removed for cleaning
  • Patented Grab Bag™ system secures trash bag in place for a neat appearance
  • Extremely durable; waste container is molded with recycled high density polyethylene and the sturdy stone panels have a smooth surface making them easy to clean
  • Large 9" square opening is convenient for trash disposal
  • Standard size towel dispenser, accommodates 1 or 2-ply folded paper towels; suggested size: 10"x10"
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-year warranty