Rapid Roll Mobile


  • The mobile system features the entire rapid roll system as one easy to use mobile unit for both indoor and outdoor use.  The Rapid Roll cartridge is mounted to the steel carrier frame while the handle on the cartridge allows you to roll Wheeled System wherever you need a fast and efficient barrier set up.  The frame sits on a rubber base to allow for use on sensitive floors and the heavy duty wheels have 3/4" Polypropylene hubs so they won’t rust.  With the cartridge, 4 posts and 4 bases,Wheeled System holds the entire Rapid Roll system in one complete package.
  • Reflective safety tape is fitted on both sides of the cartridge.
  • Rapid Roll units are molded with MDPE to ensure they will withstand rough handling and extreme weather conditions.
  • One person can pull the material out of the Rapid Roll with ease.
  • Simply crank the handle in a clockwise manner and watch as the barrier fencing neatly rolls back into the Rapid Roll cartridge. There may be times when you will find it easier to wind up the roll by removing the cartridge from the base, resting the foot end on the ground and then winding in a semi horizontal position.
  • Handle is constructed with heavy-duty HDPE and features a rotating head for easy rolling.
  • The handles on the side of the unit serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they can be used to carry RapidRoll and also for mounting on the optional base. Secondly, the handles serve as receptors to link-up the lead end of the barrier fencing. RapidRoll allows you to connect multiple units while maintaining its fast and simple approach to the set up and take-down process.
  • The internal shaft is fitted with (3) wrap around clips that are used to connect the end of the fencing to the crank shaft. To connect simply hook the end of the fencing into the clip and start to roll. To remove simply unwind the roll and unclip from the cranking shaft.