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RTS Retail was developed with one-stop-shop vision in mind. As a manufacturer of kiddie shopping carts since 2003, RTS Retail has since then expanded its product line with cart corrals, plastic dunnage racks, pallets and more. From product concept to completion, our experienced custom design team has the flexibility to create and build products that maximize your store’s performance.


Kiddie Carts

Let’s face it, in today’s marketplace, children have a great deal of influence on where their parents shop. RTS kiddie carts provide an entertaining family experience, which will give you an advantage over your competition and maximize the shopping experience for both parents and children. These fun shopping carts are available in a variety of colors and styles.


Cart Corrals

Shopping carts are an integral part of the shopping experience for all customers, making them a valuable investment.  Protect your facilities, equipment and customer’s vehicles, ensuring parking lot safety with RTS Cart Corrals. Looking for a custom cart corral? We can help fabricate a solution for you. All cart corrals are available in a variety of styles and colors.


Our CitrusWirx wipes are perfect for wiping down kiddie carts and shopping carts.  These awesome wipes are alcohol-free and have a delightful citrus scent. Give your customers peace of mind by providing them with CitrusWirx wipes.  Cleaning is key for your customers, so let them know you care about their wants and needs.

eCommerce Essentials

With the evolution of eCommerce, it was only a matter of time before the grocery industry joined in. RTS Retail has developed a number of products including Pick ‘N Pay Shopping Carts and bins - perfect for picking and packing orders, or backroom storage. Our products will help ensure a seamless eCommerce transition, providing  your valuable customers the option for online shopping!

GrabWirx Glove Dispensers

Keep your customers safe from the spreading of harmful germs and barteria by providing them with a GrabWirx glove while they shop or pump their gas. Easily mounts to a hard flat surfaces, gives customers peace of mind while at your locations.

Dunnage Rack & Pallets

Presentation is everything. Capture customer attention, keep material costs to a minimum and increase revenue with clean, durable plastic dunnage racks, pallets, bins, and displays.  All of our dunnage racks and plastic pallets are available in a variety of sizes and color options. Our retail merchandising products are maintenance free and perfect for indoor & outdoor use year-round!

Cleaning Stations

Keeping your location as clean as possible is key to retaining customers and promoting positive word of mouth. RTS Retail has a variety of waste management products, as well as an array of surface wipes and cleaning stations to ensure peace of mind.

Our CitrusWirx cleaning wipes are perfect for wiping down kiddie carts and shopping carts.  These awesome surface wipes are alcohol-free and have a delightful citrus scent.

Demo Table

Take advantage of untapped selling space by providing your customers with first-hand experience of your products through RTS Retail’s Demo Tables. Our lightweight, durable and easy to assemble demonstration tables are proven to increase immediate purchases. 

Garbage, Recycling & EnviroWirx

Our rotomolded waste containers will give you peace of mind by providing durability and easy maintenance. These innovative waste containers are the perfect solution to your waste management problems!

EnviroWirx offers an alternative to traditional metal dumpsters, by holding more waste in a smaller footprint.  An attractive waste containment solution that doesn't require a fenced in enclosure or roof.


Gas Bar Merchandising

RTS Retail, your trusted supplier for retail fixtures and store merchandising products, is now proudly providing all of your retail gas bar and convenience store needs. Our rotomolded products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and make it easy for your shopper to buy. With set up in minutes, our products are made to last at your busy gas station and convenience store, inside or out, all year long! 

Protection & Other

Racking and displays are hefty investments, so protect your facility and equipment with durable corner guards, racking guards and posts guards from RTS Retail. 


Keep unwanted traffic from areas under maintenance with the incredibly easy-to-use Rapid Roll fencing.


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